Our Mission

To produce high premium quality vegetables and fruits all
year round.

Our Vision

Anonaya envisions to be an economic catalyst of SA agricultural
industry by introducing a unique technological method of
hydroponic farming.

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Our Values

The core values at Anonaya gardens include, involving
ourselves in a farming practice that does not waste water and
does no harm to the environment. Anonaya gardens also
prides itself for using technology that does not compromise
the quality of the produce.


Yanelisa Jokweni


I just wanted to thank you for the fresh produce you always supply to us, the vegetables are fresh and juicy, they are quality and they make very nice food. I have been buying from Anonaya Gardens for more than 2 years, I have never been disappointed. Thank you for your quality service and the best products.

Skhulile Ndlovu


I consider Anonaya to be part of the revolution, as they use a Hydroponic farming method of which is an innovative Agricultural practice, backed by a dynamic and visionary team that is very young yet so bright. It is a true love letter to the bright future of agriculture in our beloved country. The combination of their hydroponic farming method and passion in the sector have produced some of the best crops I have ever seen in my life, thus I strongly respect and endorse what Anonaya Gardens is all about.

Interested in organic farming?

We also manufacture hydroponic and aquaponic systems for those who have a heart for farming!