We work hard to provide you the best quality produce!

Anonaya gardens produce is a hydroponic based farm that produces high quality premium vegetables in large quantities in a short time frame. Our company uses soil less gardening, plants are grown suspended directly in mineral solution and are supported by an inert medium such as perlite or grave. Our company seeks to dominate the agriculture industry by
producing premium vegetables all year round which is not possible for conventional farmers.

Our Passion

At Anonaya gardens produce we are passionate about
producing high quality produce using a sustainable technique
that allows us to save water and minimize our environmental
conditions. Anonaya gardens is introducing innovative
technology in farming that produces high quality vegetables
without compromising environmental integrity

Company Strengths

Our major strength lies in our ability to produce high quality produce all year round without being affected by seasons.
● Our produce is highly nutritious and is produced without the use of chemicals such as pesticides and weedicides.
● Cost of production is relatively low compared to our competitors
● Our systems are water friendly.
● We bring technology that is ethically acceptable as it does
not pollute the environment.

Our Team

Mongezi Dlamini and Sihlosokuhle Mfeka are young entrepreneurs who have background knowledge on plants, plant physiology and running of hydroponics system acquired from University of University of KwaZulu-Natal and self taught research. One of the owners grew up in a small scale commercial farm.

Interested in organic farming?

We also manufacture hydroponic and aquaponic systems for those who have a heart for farming!